Mustafa Ali Names Edge As Greatest Mentor, Bayley As Ideal Mixed Tag Partner In Q&A

WWE star Mustafa Ali spent some time responding to fan questions on Twitter today, addressing topics ranging from his favorite ring gear to his proudest moment in the wrestling industry. Ali's responses included naming Edge as his greatest wrestling mentor, and declaring Bayley as his partner of choice in a potential mixed tag team.

Ali and Edge don't have much of an onscreen history, but the WWE star's response indicates that the two have had some meaningful interactions backstage. As a veteran with 31 years in the industry, there's no denying that Edge would have some reliable advice to pass down to the next generation, and it seems Ali has taken that to heart. As for his relationship with Bayley, the two haven't interacted much, if at all, on WWE television. However, with her pedigree in the ring, it's no surprise that Bayley would be a top choice as a mixed tag partner for much of the company's roster.

In addition to those bits of information, Ali shared that his proudest moment in wrestling was being able to pose inside a WWE ring with two of his children. The former Cruiserweight Classic competitor also revealed that he has no problem with celebrities taking part in matches at WrestleMania.

"It's been a staple in the business since the beginning," Ali said. "Look at the first WrestleMania. More eyes means more money." Ali also took the time to state that he sees Randy Orton as the greatest of all time, and he counts Muhammad Ali as his biggest inspiration.

Ali can currently be found on the "WWE Raw" brand — at least until the upcoming draft. Most recently, the 37-year-old was seen on television in a match against Bobby Lashley on the "Raw" following this year's WrestleMania.