EC3 Is Writing A Code Of Wrestling Ethics Book For Next Generation

EC3 does not believe the future of the pro wrestling business is in safe hands, at least from a code of conduct perspective. In a recent interview with "The Wrestling Perspective" podcast, he revealed he's writing a book that is meant to serve as a guide for younger wrestlers, giving them pointers on how to deal with their higher-ups in a backstage setting. 

"I think the upcoming generations are lost," EC3 stressed. "There is no leadership. So, this [book] is based on s**t I've seen and I've done. I'm calling it a Code of Ethics, and it's meant to help an aspiring wrestler being backstage. It's part of our tradition to say 'Hi' to everyone and shake hands. 

"Sometimes, I've noticed that I'd be in the middle of a conversation with the boss backstage, and a lot of wrestlers just stand around awkwardly, waiting to say 'Hi.' It's like they want to come up, but don't want to interrupt the conversation. But they've been seen and they're just in a tight spot."

EC3 then urged younger wrestlers to say 'Hi' only when it is convenient, and not bother with the social convention if someone looks busy. Furthermore, EC3 believes a lot of the higher-ups don't care if they have not been greeted, and it's only the wrestlers who force the issue with pleasantries.

"When you do say 'Hi,' make it quick and memorable," EC3 added. "More often than not, they're gonna engage you in conversation, and you might wind up best friends."

EC3 believes he's the ideal person to write the book since he's been in every position, from a rookie trying to make the card to the main event star headling shows. He has wrestled for two decades and featured in promotions like WWE, Impact Wrestling, and ROH, to name a few.