Richard Dietsch Says WWE Fans Should Get Used To Seeing More Sponsorships

WWE may pocket $9 billion following the Endeavor acquisition, but the relationship could become even more financially fruitful for the company. Richard Dietsch of The Atheltic joined Eric Bischoff on the latest episode of Strictly Business and predicted that fans may likely see more advertising, maybe even as far as the WWE Superstars wearing brands in order to enhance product placement.

"If like TikTok or some sponsors says, 'We want to sign Roman Reigns for the year, we gonna give you $50 million and the deal is when he walks to the ring in every arena, he has our company on the back. WWE hasn't touched any of this," Diestch stated as they'd be pulling a page from the Premier League or NASCAR.

"You're talking millions and millions and millions of dollars of potential advertising they haven't touched," Dietsch said, noting that Endeavor has a particular way of making money. Bischoff understood the point and noted that a big reason why we haven't seen so much advertising in WWE is that he's guessing that McMahon hasn't wanted the brand to come second fiddle to anything else. 

However, Bischoff did say that it will give wrestling and WWE an added sense of credibility if they decide to go that route, even though the fanbase may initially take exception,  "You're used to seeing it as a sports fan. The only place you don't see it is in professional wrestling for now."

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