New IWGP Women's Champion Crowned, Mercedes Mone Comments On Loss

"The CEO" has stepped down from her throne. Earlier today, STARDOM hosted their All-Star Grand Queendom event in Yokohama, Japan, and with an event name like that, it was only fitting for one of STARDOM's most decorated performers to challenge Moné next. As such, former World of STARDOM Champion Mayu Iwatani emerged as Moné's opponent — and she defeated the former WWE Superstar. 


In wake of her loss, Moné delivered a heartfelt post-match promo and vocalized her respect for "The Icon of STARDOM." "I love being your CEO of STARDOM. And right now, tonight, Mayu, you really showed me you are the true icon of STARDOM Pro Wrestling," Moné said. "Mayu, please, please take care of the IWGP Women's Championship and show these girls all over the world why you are truly the icon, arigato gozaimasu (thank you)."

Moné and Iwatani fought feverishly, but in the end, only one could win. As the 13-minute mark soon approached, Iwatani finally finished off Moné with a dragon suplex to gain the pinfall victory and the IWGP Women's Championship. Iwatani previously battled KAIRI to crown the inaugural champion at NJPW x Stardom Historic X-Over back in November of last year, but fell short in the end. 


With this loss, Moné's reign as champion officially concludes at 64 days. While she figures out her next moves, Moné revealed on Twitter that she had a consultation with her CPA's, who confirmed that despite losing the IWGP Women's Championship, she is indeed still rich.