Former WWE Creative Director David Sahadi Got Heat For Opposing Katie Vick Storyline

The infamous Katie Vick storyline is regarded by fans and critics as one of the worst that WWE has ever created. Former WWE creative director David Sahadi admitted to "The Insiders" that he got "a lot of heat" for saying he was against it at the time. 

The storyline revealed that Vick was Kane's ex-partner and that she had passed away, which was something Triple H used to mock him about. He dressed as Kane and performed inappropriate behavior with a doll in a casket that was supposed to be the corpse of Vick herself. The tasteless segment was done to create heat, but it ended up being something people have mocked for years.

"I was so against that. I was so appalled and embarrassed by that, that I barely remember that," he said. "Things that are that disturbing to me and are that gross, I just tend to wipe my memory, especially if I've had nothing to do with it."

At the time, Sahadi thought that what they were doing was wrong, and was an example of crossing the line in a negative way. Pushing the boundaries is something that led to a lot of success for WWE during the Attitude Era, but this was a storyline that few people enjoyed, including those working for the company.

"Crossing the lines is good in a lot of ways, but not when it's a bad way like this, that is not cool. There's no entertainment there, there's nothing you can say about that, that you can justify it being put on television," he said. "That was my view and I was very vocal about that to everybody."

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