Road Dogg Hopes WWE Can Draw Money From Puerto Rico On A Quarterly Basis

Next weekend, WWE gears up for Backlash, the first premium live event to take place in Puerto Rico since January 2005. While fans look forward to seeing some enticing matchups, including an appearance from Grammy Award-winning recording artist Bad Bunny, some internal figures look forward to the financial payoff of the event as well.

During a recent edition of "Oh You Didn't Know," Brian "Road Dogg" James, WWE's Senior Vice President of Live Events, expressed his goal to hold more shows in Puerto Rico beyond Backlash. With this idea, WWE will not only have the opportunity to deliver more content for the local fans, but also further explore the market in a business aspect as well.

 "They haven't had a premium live event [in a while] and now Bad Bunny's added to the card. And so, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and it's actually panning out to be a really good card. I'm excited about it, and I'm excited about the business proposition of it," James said. "Is that a place we can go to more often? Is that a place we could actually draw money on a quarterly basis or something, running live events and everything? So, I think it opens up an avenue for revenue in the future, I'm hoping anyway."

 Upon inspection of the Backlash card, WWE will showcase three performers with ties to Puerto Rico. Bad Bunny, of course, was born in the territory. Damian Priest, who will compete against the rapper, is of Puerto Rican descent much like Zelina Vega, who will challenge Rhea Ripley for the "SmackDown" Women's Championship at the PLE.