Independent Promotion XPW Announces Multi-Show Deal With Tessa Blanchard

Former Impact World Champion Tessa Blanchard has been signed to a multi-show deal with XPW Wrestling. Her first announced appearance will be for an XPW show in New Jersey on May 27, and her deal with the promotion comes nearly one year after her falling out with WOW Wrestling.

WOW, which originally seemed slated to be Blanchard's public rehabilitation project, parted ways with her last May. Issues with Blanchard and WOW reportedly came about after the former Impact star seemed to fall into old habits by reportedly verbally berating a fellow star during a promo class.

Blanchard's fall from grace began in 2020 after reports emerged that the star was verbally abusive backstage, in addition to allegations of racism. The allegations against her saw many fellow wrestlers come forward to corroborate stories and eventually saw crowds completely sour on her.

XPW has had its fair share of controversies over the years, having even been the subject of a "Dark Side of the Ring" episode which covered the initial four years of the promotion's existence. Shortly after the episode came out, the promotion was relaunched.

This past October, the promotion ran a controversial show featuring former WWE referee Drake Wuertz. During the show, Wuertz cut a transphobic promo where he also referenced former US President Donald Trump, and later in the evening, a "MAGA" stable was formed on the show. When some fans took issue with the angles featured on the show, the promotion told a fan to "Go F Your Self" on social media.