Road Dogg Calls Dominik Mysterio A 'Huge Star,' Says He Has More Heat Than Anyone

Dominik Mysterio has solidified himself as one of the most loathed heels in WWE since he betrayed his father and joined Judgment Day. His efforts haven't gone unnoticed by some of the company's behind-the-scenes veterans either, as Brian "Road Dogg" James discussed the heat that the WWE Superstar has been receiving on the latest episode of "Oh... You Didn't Know?"


Responding to a fan who asked if storylines can turn people into stars, James said that stories don't necessarily turn people into big stars. That said, he believes that performers can catch on through good programs and become stars, citing Mysterio's transformation as a prime example. According to James, his rivalry with Rey Mysterio helped the young wrestler get to where he's at now.

"Dom probably has the most heat in professional wrestling right now, and it was all because of this story they did with Rey [Mysterio]... He's a huge star right now, I don't know what else to tell you," James said.

James went on to say that Mysterio keeps generating heat in every arena that WWE visits at the moment. Furthermore, he cited the Judgment Day member's transformation as a story that doesn't feature an established main eventer, but has still captivated the WWE Universe meaningfully. "I don't think you have to have two top guys at all if the story is interesting," he added. Damien Priest also praised Dominik Mysterio recently, saying that the young star has improved a lot and come into his own as a performer. 


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