Rocky Romero Wants Shinsuke Nakamura Back In NJPW, Calls Him 'Bigger Than Muta'

Rocky Romero would love to have Shinsuke Nakamura reign over NJPW as the "King of Strong Style" once again, even if it was just for a few matches.

While appearing on "Comedy Store Wrestling," the reigning NWA World Historic Welterweight Champion shared that he'd want to bring Nakamura back to Japan and put him in some "cool matches" on par with his classic bouts against Kazuchika Okada and Hiroshi Tanahashi. Since his days in the esteemed Japanese promotion, his star has only gotten brighter, possibly surpassing former rival the Great Muta as an attraction overseas, so bringing him back would be a special treat for New Japan's loyal fans.


"Nakamura is probably the most successful Japanese wrestler in North America, WWE specifically. Probably since Muta, even though Muta didn't wrestle for WWE. Muta was super successful in WCW and NWA. I would say Nakamura's probably the next [one or] probably even bigger in a way because the scale is bigger now. But they've barely scratched the surface of what they could do with him."

While Nakamura's WWE future is uncertain right now after being drafted to "Raw," Romero has a few ideas about enhancing "The Artist" and his presentation moving forward. The veteran performer and booker suggested that WWE pairs Nakamura with Paul Heyman after Heyman's eventual split from The Bloodline. With the former Intercontinental Champion already possessing all the charisma and athletic ability to appeal to international audiences, the only thing left to alter is his mic work. And though his promos are effective in his native Japanese, Romero's solution to make Nakamura more accessible is simple: "If you're just worried about the promo work, you give him ... a couple things to say, but then you let Paul Heyman do the heavy lifting."