WWE Q1 Report Reveal Skyrocketing Ticket Sales, Live Event Attendance

Fans are coming out to WWE events in droves once again and, as a result, the company is reaping the financial benefits. This morning, WWE released its report on the first quarter of 2023 and, in the sector of live events, business is booming for the sports entertainment giant. 

WWE experienced an upward trajectory of 41% in live events revenue, seeing a significant boost from just over $23 million during the same period last year to $32.6 million for Q1. While fewer ticketed events were on the books this year — 50 as opposed to 53 in 2022 — WWE managed to achieve this rise due to both average attendance and average ticket prices being up.

Last year, WWE was clocking in with an average crowd of about 5,700 per event. However, for the opening quarter of 2023, WWE saw that average elevated to just over 7,800 — all coming from dates in North America as the company had no international shows scheduled this year whereas there was one in the mix in 2022. 

With zero events — and zero accompanying revenue reported — for Q1 in 2021 due to WWE still being off the road due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WWE's financial numbers this morning show that not only have crowds come back for its wrestling shows, but WWE's product recently is drawing them with significant growth. That's the type of improvement investors are happy to see, especially ahead of the merger with UFC and the formation of a new company on the horizon.