Britt Baker 'Black Eye' Shirt Reportedly Leads AEW Shirt Sales Over The Weekend

AEW's top-selling t-shirt over the weekend, according to Bryan Alvarez on the latest episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio, was Britt Baker's "black eye" shirt. 

The news follows a brief blip of controversy on social media earlier this week, when a fan responded to the AEW star's post advertising the shirt and accused the company of supporting domestic violence. The Twitter user said their accusation was because of Baker's battered appearance on the merch, which shows her with a bruised left eye.


Baker was baffled by the fan's criticism, responding in a tweet that explained the shirt was clearly made in connection to her recent beatdown by The Outcasts on "Dynamite." The group – made up of Saraya, Toni Storm and Ruby Soho – helped Chris Jericho attack Baker and her boyfriend Adam Cole during a segment on "Dynamite" late last month. During the segment, Cole was handcuffed to the ring ropes and pleading with The Outcasts to stop their three-on-one attack of Baker.

"Supports domestic violence how? I got a black eye in a RING? My enemies put a pic on a shirt to troll me and I outsmarted them," Baker responded to the fan, using a money face emoji. "Does that mean all the (top selling) bloody T-shirts are supporting murder? If a male wrestler had a shirt with a black eye would you be this pissed?"


The fan's comment also rubbed other wrestlers the wrong way, with independent star Matt Cardona jumping in the replies to tell the fan to "get off Twitter" after their comment towards Baker and AEW.