Trinity Fatu Files Trademarks On Her Name Following Impact Wrestling Debut

Last week, Trinity Fatu, the former Naomi in WWE, made her debut for Impact Wrestling as, simply, Trinity. Having broken into pro wrestling directly through the WWE developmental system, this is her first time doing anything in pro wrestling outside of that system, and with that comes the need to protect her name. That's why, on Sunday, she filed for two new trademarks, both tracked on her applicant page on the USPTO Report trademark aggregator, for both "Trinity Fatu" and "Trinity." The "Trinity" trademark is indicated for use in pro wrestling, while the "Trinity Fatu" trademark is earmarked specifically for clothing. These new filings come two weeks after she abandoned her application for a "Trinity Starr" for wrestling use, which fueled speculation that she was returning to WWE, who still listed her on the active roster on

Trinity famously walked out on WWE last year along with tag team partner Sasha Banks (now Mercedes Mone) over their mounting frustrations with the company. That served as the end of a 13 year run with the company that brought her into the wrestling business after she closed out her career as a professional dancer. As she got more experience, she was generally regarded as having made one of the best transitions to wrestling of WWE's non-wrestler recruits, particularly in the women's division, and someone who was reliably over with live crowds. Besides her tag title run, she was also a two-time "SmackDown" women's champion, taking the title from Alexa Bliss on two separate occasions in 2017 before losing it to Natalya at that year's SummerSlam event.