Bully Ray Discusses Issues With Recent AEW Debuts Of Jay White, Roderick Strong

AEW's most recent signings have included the likes of Jay White and Roderick Strong, but "Busted Open Radio" co-host Bully Ray has taken issue with the way they've been introduced.

"Not enough people on that show last night are super over," Ray said. "There are people there that they don't know whether they should cheer or boo, i.e. a Jay White. People want to love Jay White, but they're booing him last night. He's already a tweener, and he's already in this same situation that most guys that get brought into AEW with lots of pomp and circumstances find themselves in."


Ray mentioned that White was Juice Robinson's valet on the May 3 "AEW Dynamite" and then laid someone out after the bout, leaving him to feel like he's not a "megastar." Another issue he had was with Roderick Strong competing in his first AEW match but not scoring the win for his team. Ray believes Strong was not made to look like a star after his hot debut the week before.

"You can cut this anyway you want, Jay White and Roderick Strong are on the same trajectory as everyone else that comes into AEW. Little bit of fanfare, and then immediately cooled off," Bully Ray added. He concluded that they were brought in the exact same way with a run-in on "Dynamite," but he thinks Strong's debut was — no pun intended — stronger overall.


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