Konnan Says Tony Khan Should Delegate AEW Creative Duties To Jeff Jarrett And Others

There's no denying that AEW President Tony Khan has his hands full both in and out of AEW. During a recent episode of "K100," Konnan weighed in on the topic and pitched that Khan should relinquish some creative control to people like Jeff Jarrett.

"There's a lot of names out there, and have Jeff Jarrett run one show and have another person run another show," Konnan said. "And then [Khan] edits it. Whoever is doing good numbers, you keep them there, and if not, put somebody else [in]. It's mind-boggling to me that Tony has the time, energy, or even the creative makeup to make four shows pop, because that's kind of what he has now, right? Plus pay-per-views, plus handling talent, plus working in football and soccer."

Konnan suggested that Khan needs help from people he can trust. He also threw out Sonjay Dutt's name as someone who could help run Ring of Honor while Khan focuses on writing or editing "Dynamite."

This discussion happened prior to Khan announcing that former Fightful podcast host Will Washington joined the company as the new Administration Coordinator. In the role, Washington will work directly with Khan and assist several departments including live events, creative, social media, and public relations. Fightful Select also noted that he will help Khan with continuity and long-term storytelling.

In addition to the new hire, it appears Khan is shifting his priorities when it comes to the lineup of AEW programming. With "AEW Collision" reportedly debuting this summer, it appears "Dark" and "Dark: Elevation" have both been scrapped from airing weekly on AEW's YouTube channel.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "K100" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.