Trinity Fatu Says AEW's Jade Cargill Was The First To Reach Out To Her Post-WWE Exit

When Trinity Fatu walked out of WWE nearly a year ago, she was immediately contacted by AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill with words of encouragement.

"When everything happened, Jade was the first person to just reach out to me," Trinity said in a new interview with Forbes. "I don't remember specifically, but the gist of it was 'I know it feels like your whole world is crumbling apart right now, but you're gonna be okay and I'm here for you.' And that's really what just really touched me, and that that meant everything to me. That someone I don't even share a locker room with thought enough for me to just reach out and say that. So that kind of developed our relationship and friendship. And I have family in Atlanta. She's up in Atlanta, so that's kind of how all that began."


Trinity added that Cargill is very passionate about wrestling and now that they've hung out a few times, she considers the AEW star to be a friend. She also feels inspired by Cargill's journey and what she's currently doing as the undefeated TBS Champion with over 50 wins.

It seems the former Naomi has had no shortage of support in recent months as she figured out what was next for her career. As we just saw on Thursday's episode of "Impact," Trinity is officially a member of Impact's Knockouts roster after appearing live before the Chicago crowd last week. Her former tag team partner Mercedes Moné was in attendance for the debut, and she also had support from CM Punk, Bayley, Tamina, and so many others on social media.