Jeff Jarrett Says His Opinion Has Changed On Wins And Losses In Wrestling

Wins and losses, and whether or not they really matter, are the subject of much debate amongst the wrestling community. 

On a recent episode of his "My World" podcast, Jeff Jarrett commented on wins and losses in wrestling and how his view on the subject has evolved over time as wrestling has evolved.

"It's certainly evolved through the years. [...] Territory days, you did a finish on Monday night, whatever dictated to tell a story to get us back to TV. And you did that finish around the horn," Jarrett said. "Then you get into the pre-Attitude Era. Syndicated television, they used to have enhancement match, enhancement match, main event. So in the main event, wins and losses meant a lot. But a loss here and there is a part of episodic storytelling. So that was just a part of it."

He then dissected how that changed with the Attitude Era and the abundance of characters and competitive matches. He said that winning or losing a big program was still one thing to itself, but that losing too many cold matches could suddenly stick to a character. 

The Hall of Famer said once monthly pay-per-views were introduced, it became the norm for the heel to win on TV but lose on the PPV. The newest turning point in his eyes comes with all of the wrestling content available across all platforms.

"It's almost become somewhat of a blur. In any week's time, the wrestling audience gets to see however many on 'Raw,' 'Dynamite,' 'Rampage,' 'Smackdown,'" he said. "There's so many finishes being done out there, it is again back to the basics. A story now is everything. It's the only thing that's going to resonate with the audience. Because matches and finishes, there's too much out there for it to matter."