RJ City Says Wins And Losses Don't Matter In Wrestling

One of the age-old debates in the world of wrestling revolves around wins and losses and whether or not they matter. Some strongly believe they do, some are indifferent, and some believe they don't matter much at all. And one can add "Hey! (EW)" host and occasional wrestler RJ City to the side that says they don't matter. Well, at least to a degree. In an appearance on "The Best Show," City explained that wins and losses mattering probably depends more on what type of wrestler you are. For someone of his style though, City has more pressing concerns than his stats in the win-loss column.


"My theory is this ... you cannot be worried about the winning and the losing," City said. "Especially for me. If I was a giant, then maybe I would be focused on winning. But as a character, as someone that wants to make a connection with the audience, you have to be able to survive the loss. Because you hit one loss, and then it's all over. That's why I would say, Rocky [Balboa] lost in the beginning. He started with a loss. If he was on this hot win streak, the second he lost, the party would be over."

Of course, all of this may be very easy for City to say, as the AEW personality has largely stuck to his "Hey! (EW)" programming, with only sparing appearances backstage and no matches under the AEW umbrella to date. As such, wins and losses won't matter as much as talking with Bryan Danielson about wrestling long matches and wrestling's role in saving the environment.


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