Diamante Calls Austin Gunn The 'Unsung Hero' Of AEW During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic period in professional wrestling saw a real lack of atmosphere across every show due to the restrictions put in place, but that is something that Austin Gunn tried to personally change when he was ringside during AEW tapings. Gunn's efforts helped get him noticed, but Diamante was also impressed by what he brought to the product.

"Austin Gunn was definitely the unsung hero of the pandemic era," Diamante told AEW Unrestricted. "I don't know how he did it, every night he just gave us everything, all his energy."

AEW ran shows slightly differently from other promotions such as WWE and Impact Wrestling — who originally started out with no fans — as Tony Khan used his roster and as many extras as possible to surround the ringside. When no fans were allowed in at all they at least provided some audible atmosphere which made things easier for the talent inside the ring, but also for the fans watching at home.

"I'm like, 'Man, he's ringside and he's giving us all this,' I can appreciate that, and then again I can appreciate all the boys and girls," she said. "There was no down, it was just a constant high ... He was wonderful."

Gunn was often found at ringside making as much noise as possible during those shows which helped to establish himself and his brother, Colten Gunn, despite how new they were to the business at that point. The fact his efforts were appreciated by those inside the ring shows the impact that it had on them during that time.

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