Matt Cardona Not Seeking WWE Return Just To Be On The Roster: 'I Want To Matter'

Since his WWE release in April 2020, Matt Cardona (formerly known as Zack Ryder) has become a key player on the independent wrestling scene. In recent months, rumors of a possible return to WWE for Cardona have slowly intensified, and while Cardona often leans into the speculation on social media, he's made it clear he's not just looking to sign with WWE for a paycheck. Speaking on the "Heated Shenanigans Podcast," Cardona discussed what he would and wouldn't want if he were offered a spot on the WWE roster.

"I did the whole 'just the guy on the roster' thing," Cardona said. "I have no desire to do that again. If I'm going to be there, I want to matter. And I think I proved over the past three years that I'm more than capable of holding my own." The former GCW World Champion stated that he'd prove that to the world given the right opportunity. Cardona named one opponent in particular that he'd love to face off against in WWE.

"Cody Rhodes is one of them," Cardona continued. "And there's a story that is more than just a wrestling story. [It's] a true life story. And I think that's what makes wrestling the most special is when there's that element of realism behind it." Cardona and Rhodes are good friends, with Rhodes even mentioning Cardona by name on a recent episode of "WWE Raw." While Cardona has established himself in the indies, it doesn't sound as though fans should fully rule out another WWE run for the former Intercontinental Champion.