Tony Atlas Praises AEW Star Mark Henry's Wrestling Knowledge As Well As His Strength

WWE Hall of Famers Tony Atlas and Mark Henry share a history in the world of bodybuilding, which made Atlas a natural mentor for Henry on the road. 

In a recent interview with "Busted Open Radio," Atlas spoke about Henry's love for professional wrestling and its history.

"Mark Henry is probably, I would say, one of the most knowledgeable individuals that I've met when it comes to wrestling," Atlas explained. "Most guys, they don't do the history of wrestling. I would drive with Mark Henry up and down the highway and Mark Henry was talking about guys like Killer Kowalski. He didn't even meet these people but he knew just as much about Killer Kowalski, Bruno Sammartino, and guys like that than I did, because Mark Henry is the type of guy who before he gets into something, he likes to study things."

Atlas called Henry an intelligent man, while also stating that the Hall of Famer is one of the strongest men he's met and also fast in the ring. The veteran star pointed out that the current AEW star's biggest issue was how hard he was working to not hurt people, which made him look weaker than he was. "You look at a man that could pull a Greyhound bus."

Mark Henry isn't the only WWE legend that Atlas has crossed paths with. Former WWE Champion Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson recently shared a video of him at the age of 11, watching his father Rocky Johnson team with Atlas in 1983.