Colby Corino Says He Hasn't Joined WWE NXT Due To Ongoing Background Check Issue

After becoming a free agent at the start of 2023, Colby Corino appeared to be WWE-bound. His last match on the independent scene took place in March in the midst of reports that WWE was interested in signing him to the "NXT". However, Corino has yet to sign a deal and appears to be in a state of limbo.

"I got the offer from WWE," Corino said during a recent appearance on "Wrestling Friends." "Everything was agreed to, verbally. They said, 'Before we send you this contract, we have to do this background check.' All good, I've already been background checked by them before when I did my first tryout a few years ago. Nothing new should be of surprise."

Corino explained how WWE was aware of things that would appear on his background check and that he and his family were excited to move to Florida after years of hustling to reach this point. But as his start date approached, he grew concerned over the lack of communication from WWE.

"We were supposed to move to Florida on a Sunday, and the Monday before, I get a call," Corino recalled. "I get told there was a problem with my background check and there was something from seven years ago and that I needed to handle that and after that, I'd be good to go. Now I'm good to go, and it seems like that's not the case anymore."

The former NWA star added that he doesn't have all the information he wants yet and that it appears to be a "not right now" situation as opposed to a closed door. Ultimately, he's not sure if it has to do with the rumored hiring freeze that WWE has implemented since the Endeavor deal was announced.

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