Freddie Prinze Jr Loved WWE Backlash But Doubts Puerto Rico Will Be Its New Home

On May 5 and 6, WWE returned to Puerto Rico for "SmackDown" and Backlash respectively and was met with incredible crowds on both nights. 

During his most recent episode of "Wrestling with Freddie," former WWE writer and producer Freddie Prinze Jr. reflected on the premium live event, praising the crowd and recalling when the promotion wasn't keen on taking their shows to the territory.

"First things first, this pay-per-view was friggin' awesome," Prinze declared. "The crowd in Puerto Rico was so hot. I don't want to be a prisoner of the moment and be like ”Man, that was the best WWE crowd ever," he added. He stated that Canada and England also shine in that regard when given the opportunity to. "But Puerto Rico had a similar vibe."

Prinze discussed the similarities in passion between each set of fans, but believed the love they showed their own — in this case, Zelina Vega and then the thunderous roars for the returning Savio Vega and Carlito may have been what set them apart. 

So, what could be next for the territory? While Prinze would love for Puerto Rico to become the new home of Backlash, he believes there's one major obstacle in its way.

"Puerto Rico is not the richest territory on the planet, you know?" he stated. "They're [WWE] going to more than likely go where the money is. And you can't bring, I don't believe any tourism board would bring the same show back every year ... I would love for it to be a yearly thing."

The former WWE writer feels that WWE will chase the money which is why they will host the Backlash show in a different country next year.

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