Tony Khan Was Interested In Buying WWE, Thinks The Wrestling Business Is Back

While WWE was ultimately bought by Endeavor, Tony Khan confirmed to "The Maggie & Perloff Show" that he was interested in purchasing the company. 

The AEW CEO didn't go into details regarding how far his interest in WWE went, he did state that "It will be very interesting to see what happens with that sale. Certainly, in many ways, it's a big positive to the pro wrestling business."


While Khan wasn't the man who ended up purchasing the company, the fact that WWE was able to get the deal done put a big spotlight on the industry. With WWE thriving in international markets and AEW growing as a company, this is certainly a positive period for the industry on the whole, which Khan has noted.

"The huge attendance numbers and TV and streaming numbers for pro wrestling and the great sales for AEW on PPV and all the big merchandising numbers show that pro wrestling is really back as an industry in many major ways in 2023 and AEW is a big part of the conversation," he said. So, I think that's all been really positive for us."

AEW is set to continue its own growth to continue adding to the business, with the company set to gain its largest attendance ever in London, England for All In, with over 60,000 tickets sold for the event. 


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