WWE Reveals Tape Library Acquisition

WWE's tape library just keeps growing and growing. And this time, it holds strong familial connections to Hall of Famer "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

Per PWInsider's Mike Johnson, a collection of 20 boxes of master tapes from International Championship Wrestling were recently revealed to be in possession of WWE. This came about during the Savage-focused episode of "WWE's Most Wanted Treasures" this past Sunday night on A&E. Prior to being acquired, those master tapes simply sat in a storage locker for several years. Additionally, WWE Archivist Ben Brown stated they were even used as collateral when founder Angelo Poffo was trying to finance the promotion.

ICW didn't last for too long, existing from 1978-1984 under the supervision of Angelo and the late Lanny Poffo, "Macho Man's" father and late brother, respectively. That said, some clips from ICW were briefly seen in the aforementioned episode, featuring WWE Hall of Famer "Cowboy" Bob Orton as well as Savage himself. And while it is not known exactly when the footage came into their possession, Lanny was tasked with authenticating some of it despite admitting that he hadn't previously seen all of it.

Of course, ICW footage isn't the only collection WWE has amassed over the years. Their vast library also includes the likes of ECW, Jim Crockett Promotions, Mid-South/UWF, Puerto Rico's World Wrestling Council, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, WCW, and World Class Championship Wrestling. Though, there is said to be even more than that at their disposal. It appears that no matter the company, WWE will inevitably get their hands on it.