Iconic Movie Character Robocop Added To WWE Supercard Through May 31st

If you've ever envisioned RoboCop as a WWE superstar, your time is now. Though, only for a limited window. As of right now, players have just over two weeks to enjoy the inclusion of this science fiction star.


In a press release from 2K Monday morning, it was announced that through their partnership with WWE and MGM, RoboCop has made their way into the latest WWE SuperCard season until the end of May. The release also notes that two Superstar cards will feature the character during the event, with Prime Directives, ED-209 Support, and Helmet and Armor Plating Equipment cards available along the way.

Naturally there will be RoboCop-themed quests scattered across the next two weeks, with special prizes being teased as rewards for players who are able to collect all six available assets pertaining to the character. Though if this particular character isn't really up your alley, not to worry. They're not the first fictional character to appear in SuperCard and likely won't be the last. After all, horror icon Chucky debuted last Halloween during Season 9.


SuperCard launched back in August 2014 on mobile as a digital collectible card game, and has since cycled through multiple seasons. For those out there looking to play the mobile game but aren't sure how to access it, it's as simple as having the updated iOS or Android versions of whichever device you choose to use. In addition to the RoboCop-themed awards, players can also get their hands on the usual Superstar, Support, and Equipment cards littered throughout the game.