Eric Bischoff Warns Tony Khan That Upcoming AEW Collision May Have Negative Impact

AEW's third cable wrestling show seems all but officially confirmed. "AEW Collision" is set to be a Saturday night, primetime show for AEW. On the latest "83 Weeks," WWE Hall of Famer and Former WCW President Eric Bischoff had some words of warning alongside congratulations for AEW CEO Tony Khan with regards to the new show.

"Congratulations to Tony and the entire team at AEW. It's a vote of confidence from a television partner and there's no way that is not a wonderful thing. I don't feel as positive about a third show. Just because history has proven that diluting your product, and diluting your focus, and just diluting your resources for too much content is not strategically the best idea," he said, "Add to that, it's a Saturday night show.I don't know many 18 to 49 year olds are home watching television on a Saturday night. Maybe a bunch, but when I was in that demo I wouldn't have been one of them. I just can't imagine that there's much of an audience for it. But hey, I've been wrong before, let's see what happens."

Bischoff also pushed back on the idea that "WCW Saturday Night" benefitted the product for WCW. He said that "it absolutely didn't," and moreover that the show didn't drive revenue, or pay-per-view sales. He said that it was a tool for Turner to garner a loyal Saturday night audience. He also said he had heard someone mention Ted Turner talk about not caring if they lost money on it.