Ex-WWE Star Damien Sandow Believes AEW Talent Needs To Lean On Veterans More

Damien Sandow has always valued knowledge. As the "Intellectual Savior of the Masses," he bestowed enlightenment upon the WWE Universe whether they liked it or not. But backstage, he would absorb information from Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, Fit Finlay, and Mike Rotundo in order to hone his craft. 

Like CM Punk, he is perplexed when younger talent doesn't take full advantage of the wealth of knowledge at their disposal.

On "Story Time With Dutch Mantell," Sandow discussed his reaction to "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry's comments during a recent UK convention Q&A. When asked who he talks to about his matches, Perry that he prefers contemporaries like Luchasuarus and doesn't go to Billy Gunn because he "hates Canadian Destroyers." 

In response, Sandow said that if you're playing checkers and want to play chess, then you seek out those who know how to play chess.

"I'm not one of these people [who say] you have to respect someone because they've been doing this longer than you," he suggested. "No, respect them if they're a good person. Respect them if they have accomplished what you would like to accomplish. Billy Gunn is as big of a star as you can be, in my opinion. Look at the career he's had over the length of time he's had ... We will all bear the fruits of our labor ... If someone told me something I didn't want to do, my first instinct would not be [to] avoid the situation. I am genuinely interested why someone that has been doing this for so long [believes] this. Teach me so that I can learn and then make a decision for myself."

Sandow also made it clear that he likes Perry but feels this mindset is hardly beneficial to anyone's career.