Greg Gagne Talks Training Tiffany Stratton, Says She Was 'A Handful'

Greg Gagne, son of the legendary Verne, still tries to keep as active as he can in professional wrestling, mainly focusing on training new talent. One such student of the second-generation star is "WWE NXT"'s Tiffany Stratton.


"She was a handful," Gagne chuckled on "Busted Open Radio" recently. "A friend of mine asked me, I wasn't doing anything, 'Would you train this girl? She wants to be a professional wrestler.' She had a great background, she [had] five years with the U.S. gymnastics team, and she won first place. And then she went into bodybuilding, first place, set a record in her weight lifting class, and she wanted to wrestle." 

Gagne took Stratton to a WWE event that featured a ladder match (likely a Money In The Bank event, as a number of women were involved).

"I turn to her afterwards and said 'What'd you think of that tonight?'" Gagne recounted, "And she said, 'I can do that.' I said, 'You can't do that, what do you mean you think you can do that?'" Stratton was silent for the rest of the ride home, and Gagne said that if she wanted to train, she'd have to listen to him and not the other way around.


According to Gagne, Stratton would complain about being tired, which usually resulted in him dressing her down and telling her not to come back on a couple occasions, but Gagne says that Stratton finally wised up and has come a long way. Stratton even got to compete in a multi-woman ladder match recently, taking part in the "WWE NXT" Women's Championship Ladder Match at last month's NXT Stand & Deliver.