Bruce Prichard Claims Ahmed Johnson Was Almost World Champion But Held Himself Back

Ahmed Johnson didn't have the longest stint in WWE history, debuting in July 1995 and making his final appearance in February 1998. But if you ask Bruce Prichard, Johnson could've been a top guy if not for consistently getting in his own way. On "Something to Wrestle," Pritchard discussed what made the former Intercontinental Champion special while expanding on why he couldn't get to that spot.


"We actually were looking at Ahmed possibly to be the champion," Prichard admitted. "I think that there was enough there that we definitely could've pulled that off."

Though he had his fair share of detractors, there was something unmistakable about Johnson.

"It was an animal magnetism, man," Pritchard said. "It was raw, and it was genuine ... the audience believed in him and looked at him as 'This guy's real.'"

Pritchard noted that Johnson was different than everybody else, carrying himself in a way that exuded confidence. Unfortunately, he couldn't put it all together.

"I think that Ahmed was probably the number one person holding Ahmed back," Prichard added. "Some guys can't handle the spotlight ... He believed the hype, and there was a lot of hype there to believe, but at some point, you have to deliver."


Ultimately, Johnson can say he's the first Black Intercontinental Champion in WWE history. He even earned a shot at the WWE Championship in August 1996, but due to legitimate kidney problems Johnson was experiencing at the time, the match never happened. Simply put, it just didn't work out.

"I think that Ahmed – if his head was on right – would have been a megastar," Prichard declared. "Much bigger than he ever was."

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