Dominik Mysterio Wants To Steal GUNTHER's Title

Mustafa Ali is out to take GUNTHER's title at WWE Night of Champions, but Dominik Mysterio hopes to dethrone the dominant Intercontinental Champion instead. That said, he'd like to see the Judgment Day faction add some tag team gold to their list of achievements as well.

"I would love to hold some titles, whether it's singles gold or tag team gold. Finn [Balor] and Damien [Priest] just beat the Undisputed Tag Team Champions in Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, so there's definitely a shot there," Mysterio said in an interview with G Moniy.

Mysterio then discussed GUNTHER, noting that he's a tough opponent who'd be hard to defeat in singles action. However, he does have an idea in mind that could see him win the title while making GUNTHER look strong in defeat. "I don't know if I could take him one on one, but if we can get a triple threat match going... somewhere where I can sneak into victory... Maybe. I don't know. Who knows what the future has in store for ex-con Dom, but we'll see."

However, Mysterio is in no rush to take another one of GUNTHER's trademark chops. He recalled taking one at the Royal Rumble, and it's an experience that he doesn't want to relive. It remains to be seen if Mysterio will receive an opportunity at GUNTHER's gold, but as of this writing, the champ is enjoying a historic run that could see him become the longest-reigning IC titleholder of all time.