Bruce Prichard On Almost Getting Arrested For DX Invasion Of WCW

Though it doesn't quite compare to the invasion of "WCW Nitro" filmed the week before, the D-Generation X invasion of WCW's headquarters is another highly memorable moment from WWE's infamous "Attitude Era." The segment was shot in April of 1998, with the group stationed in the parking lot of the WCW office in Smyrna, Georgia, dressed up like soldiers and driving around in a military-looking vehicle, cracking jokes about the rival wrestling promotion. On the latest episode of "Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard," Prichard discussed filming the segment, detailing how it nearly resulted in the arrests of everyone involved.

"They called 911 and said that their building was being assaulted by a group of individuals with weapons," Prichard said. According to Prichard, he had already personally spoken with the local police department, informing them of what the plan was and even requesting that there be a police presence there, with a police officer arriving to act as security. However, once the crew wrapped up filming and everyone was preparing to leave, a heavy police presence responded to the 911 call, and having another officer with them didn't help.

A Close Call with Local Law Enforcement

"They get out and they're putting us up against the van and all this other stuff," Prichard continued. The Smyrna police officer accompanying the WWE shoot let the police know that it was a skit being filmed for television, but WCW executive Mike Weber reportedly insisted that the group was trespassing and was pushing for their arrest. Prichard said that he eventually smiled and offered himself up to be arrested, at which point "Mike Weber's face went white," as he realized that would provide great footage for WWE.

After things calmed down and the WWE crew explained themselves, the Smyrna chief of police reportedly still wanted to arrest the group, but it didn't occur. The group was warned to proceed directly to the airport to get on their flight to the next show, but the decision was made to disobey that order and stop off at the CNN headquarters which, like WCW, was owned by Turner Broadcasting. More footage was filmed there before the performers and crew all eventually made their way to the airport and left Georgia without any arrests.