Adam Cole Says Bringing Sabu To AEW Double Or Nothing Was A 'Last-Minute Decision'

Sabu will be in Adam Cole's corner for his Unsanctioned match against Chris Jericho at AEW Double or Nothing. However, Cole has revealed that the ECW legend joining the storyline wasn't envisioned when his feuded with Jericho started.

"It was absolutely a last-minute decision," he told Barstool Rasslin'. "It's great to have Roderick Strong there, but again, this match Sunday is Unsanctioned and we know that the [Jericho Appreciation Society] is going to be involved, so I took a shot in the dark. I talked to a friend of a friend and reached out to Sabu. There's nobody crazier or more prepared for an Unsanctioned match than Sabu."

During the interview, Cole also talked about being a fan of Sabu when he was a young ECW fan, so he's honored to have the legend backing him against Jericho and his lackeys at tonight's pay-per-view. "Sabu was one of my absolute favorites. It's so weird to think as time goes on, because again Sabu was a student of the game, to think that I had his respect enough for him to help me with the J.A.S. is pretty damn cool."

Sabu made his debut for the company on the most recent episode of "AEW Dynamite." After being announced as Cole's support, the veteran made his way to the ring and threw a chair at "Daddy Magic" Matt Menard, suggesting that he's willing to get physical at Double or Nothing. Sabu retired in 2021, but maybe he has one last round left in him.