Billy Corgan Explains Why Tyrus Moonlighting As Fox News Analyst Does Not Bother Him

Tyrus — who recently had a day named after him – is enjoying a run as NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. However, his reign has been steeped in controversy as he's a regular Fox News contributor. Despite being associated with broadcasting polarizing political views, though, NWA owner Billy Corgan is happy to have Tyrus representing the company as its top titleholder.

In a recent interview with New York Post, Corgan explained that wrestling has a history of pushing people's buttons and being "politically incorrect." The NWA owner tries to bring those old-school sensibilities to his company's product, and he thinks Tyrus adds value to the promotion as a heel. The Smashing Pumpkins frontman wants his company's bad guys to be genuinely disliked by the fans, and he believes that the Fox host is capable of riling up the crowd.

"When Tyrus walks through the door, he brings the heat, and if you're not gonna watch him, then you're not a wrestling fan," he said. "I'm not booking a charity. I'm booking a professional wrestling company."

Tyrus, who mostly appears on "Gutfeld!," is known for his right-leaning opinions. Politically, Corgan doesn't sit on the same side of the aisle as the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, but he doesn't have a problem with Tyrus sharing his views.

"I believe that dissenting voices should have a seat at the table and let the American public decide which is more important on any particular argument. I don't believe in canceling out a voice because you're not comfortable with their perspective, and that's somehow supposed to translate into professional wrestling."