Roxanne Perez's Mystery Attacker To Be Revealed On Tonight's WWE NXT

Tonight's episode of "WWE NXT" will see Roxanne Perez's mystery attacker revealed, as fans can expect to learn who was underneath the hood. Perez was jumped from behind last week as she was making her way to the back after having been defeated in the "NXT" Women's Championship tournament, but it was unknown who did it. Several WWE officials ran out, and that led to the mysterious attacker running away before she could cause too much damage, but it isn't just Perez who has been attacked in recent months.

During a vignette at "NXT" Battleground this past weekend, a video from the attacker was shown. They shared clips from previous attacks on other members of the women's roster, with Nikkita Lyons, Sol Ruca, Wendy Choo, Dani Palmer, and Perez among those who have been targeted. The attacker seemingly took responsibility for all of those by bragging about the havoc they have caused to the division, and promised their identity would become clear this week.

Mandy Rose and Blair Davenport are two names that have been speculated by fans on social media as potential people who could be revealed as the attacker, but that remains to be seen, as it could also be a brand new talent that has yet to be part of the company. With several potential rivals for them, the attacker will have no shortage of opponents after showcasing who they are, with Perez likely to be top of that list due to the fact she was attacked most recently.