Court Bauer Doesn't Expect Any News On WWE-MLW Lawsuit Until Mid-Summer

On Monday, WWE filed a new pleading in MLW's antitrust lawsuit against them in federal court in the Northern District of California, which served as WWE's reply to MLW's response to WWE's latest motion to have the case dismissed. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, a new interview with MLW CEO Court Bauer was released by "The Business of the Business," during which the hosts asked him about the status of the lawsuit as they were winding down.

"You're trying to get me into trouble!" joked Bauer, before turning more serious. "I'll say this: There's really not gonna be any news on this, I guess, until mid-Summer. It's a process. Part of it is the judge had the right to just dismiss the case and say 'Peace out.' What he said was 'You need to beef up some of these aspects of your case; please resubmit.' Which I thought was an encouraging sign. I'm not a lawyer, I just play one on MLW TV, and my name is Court. But it's something [where] you say OK, hopefully, we did our job, and he asked us to resubmit our homework, and we did, so hopefully, we satisfied his needs to move forward. And if we move forward, I'm sharpening my fork and knife for discovery."

The discovery process that Bauer refers to at the end of the quote refers to when both sides of a lawsuit are required to turn over all potentially relevant documents, recordings, etc. to the other side in good faith, which also includes the process of taking deposition testimony.