AEW's Dr. Britt Baker Reveals Criticism She Received In Dental & Wrestling Fields

"You don't have to stay in one lane and commit," Dr. Britt Baker DMD told WhatCulture recently, "We got merging lanes!" 

Baker says she hopes that her ability to work in both dentistry and pro wrestling can inspire people to chase more than one dream or goal at a time. However, the former AEW Women's World Champion and 2022 Women's Owen Hart Tournament winner also said that neither the wrestling world nor the dentistry world were entirely accepting of her desire to have a foot in each business.

"I got [criticism] from both sides," Baker explained. "In professional wrestling, it was weird that I was a dental student, that I wasn't just professional wrestling only and living, eating, sleeping, breathing wrestling. But also in dental school, I was the weirdo, I was 'the outcast' because I wasn't just doing dentistry and sleeping in a library, so I really got it from both sides, but it kept me stubborn and headstrong."

Baker was one of the initial signees for All Elite Wrestling when it was founded in 2019, having initially taken part in the event that spawned the promotion, All In, the previous year. It hasn't exactly been an easy career for Baker, who finds herself working as late as possible on Tuesdays before flying to wherever Wednesday's AEW taping might be, then doing it all over again.

"I might get one or two hours of sleep before I have to catch the 5 or 6 a.m. flight back home to get to the dental office," Baker explained in an interview last year.