Ryback And Booker T Get Into War Of Words On Twitter

A small spat occurred this morning on Twitter when WWE Hall of Fame Booker T invited former WWE Star Ryback onto his show. Ryback quickly responded his want to do so "ASAP," before Booker T eventually deleted the tweet.


The Hall of Famer later tweeted that he had "rescinded" the invitation to Ryback, due to demands made from Ryback. Booker T's response prompted Ryback to claim that the decision was influenced by Vince McMahon and Paul "Triple H" Levesque, and he then laid an open invitation for Booker T to come on his show with "any demands."

The Twitter spat seems to have been caused by recent comments from Booker T, with the Hall of Famer saying that Ryback talks like someone who has been in the business a lot longer than he actually has been. Booker T also questioned Ryback's frequent criticism of WWE and his lack of wrestling appearances elsewhere. The comments aren't exactly new, with Booker T having previously been very open about his lack of respect for Ryback.


Ryback recently revealed that WWE had given up the trademark to the "Ryback" name. He teased a poll on Twitter for where he should wrestle next. Despite the tease, there's no word on if or when "The Big Guy" will ever wrestle again. His last in-ring appearance came nearly five years ago for Northeast Wrestling.