LA Knight Explains The Origins Of 'Yeah' From Time At WWE Performance Center

LA Knight can get more reaction from a single word than most wrestlers get from entire monologues, and no word has he wrung more reactions out of than the way he says, "Yeah!" 

On the latest episode of "The Bump," Knight explained how he stumbled on the popular catchphrase.

"It was something that just kinda happened somewhat accidentally," Knight said. "Me just walking around the Performance Center the first time around when I was here ... this thing should've taken off years ago, didn't get there." Knight initially signed with WWE in 2013 before departing a year later.

"I was walking around the Performance Center and they were quoting me," Knight continued. "Why? I'm a quotable guy, as you can kinda see. Things were happening, whatever, I'd be walking the halls, they'd say whatever and I'd say, 'Yeah!' and it just became a thing."

After leaving WWE, Knight went to Impact Wrestling where he became the Impact World Champion, and then also spent time in the newly-revived National Wrestling Alliance as a standout star of the studio wrestling show. Knight then re-signed with WWE in 2021, initially joining "NXT," where he briefly held the WWE Million Dollar Championship. He was then moved to the main roster, heading to "WWE SmackDown" where Knight continues to make a name for himself.

He recently defeated Montez Ford on "WWE SmackDown" to qualify for the titular Money In The Bank match at the upcoming WWE Premium Live Event on July 1 in London, England. As it stands, Ricochet and Shinsuke Nakamura have both qualified for the match as well.