Roman Reigns Featured In 2024 Paris Olympics Commercial

Roman Reigns is clearing his calendar for July 2024. That's when next year's Summer Olympics will take place in Paris, and "The Tribal Chief" won't be missing them. 

NBC Sports dropped a "Save the Date" spot for the games; the central conceit being the various famous faces that are canceling their plans in order to make sure they can watch uninterrupted. And along with Dolly Parton and one of the Minions, Reigns and his advocate Paul Heyman aren't committing to anything other than the Olympics.


"Roman Reigns will defend his title against anyone, anytime," Heyman declared — before Reigns interjected with "except next July."

Next year's international event takes place from July 26 through August 11 of next year. In 2017, Paris beat out Los Angeles, Budapest, and Rome for the opportunity to host.

While the Summer Olympics are still over a year away, it is entirely possible that Reigns will still be the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion by then. His title reign has lasted over 1,000 days thus far, although that would mean him successfully getting through another WrestleMania where he could once again face the challenge of Cody Rhodes trying to "finish the story." 

However, with Reigns still working a more limited schedule than in the past, opportunities to dethrone him before he takes a break to watch the Summer Games grow fewer and fewer the closer we get to next July.