The Butcher Praises The Unsung Genius Of AEW's Kip Sabian

The Butcher has recently found himself aligned with Kip Sabian on AEW television, and during an interview with "Josh Nason's Punch-Out," he praised the Englishman for his intelligence regarding the professional wrestling industry. 


"He doesn't get enough credit for how knowledgeable he is about pro wrestling," The Butcher stated. "If you come up with an idea, he always has something to add to it instead of having you just take the wheel. If I come up with an idea, I can hand it to him and I can trust that he's going to add something great to it. He's so knowledgable."

It isn't just with Sabian's own work that he comes up with great ideas either as he will happily add things when The Butcher and The Blade are discussing tag team moves, which is something he feels works perfectly. Right now the group is just finding its feet on television as they begin to make an impact, and that includes creating their name as a unit, with two ideas currently floating around for them to work with. 


"People started calling us The Gallery online, I think he like hashtagged that a couple of times," he said. "Right now we are playing with the name the Deadly Alliance just because it seems kind of like an old Marvel or DC, the League of Extraordinary Gentleman or something like that."

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