Why Frankie Kazarian Is Thrilled Impact Wrestling Is Continuing On

After a few years of being under contract with AEW, Frankie Kazarian officially returned "home" to Impact Wrestling in January. During a recent appearance on "The Kurt Angle Show," the former X-Division Champion explained why he's thrilled to see the company thriving today.


"I'm just so glad that Impact is still here 21 years later and thriving," Kazarian said. "I was almost there since the very beginning and just always hearing that, 'You guys won't be around another six months, another year,' now 21 years later, Impact Wrestling is well-established in the marketplace, has a very rich history that you're a part of, Kurt. Yeah, a great library. Think of the names that have come through there and the guys that are still there, the guys that just started there."

Kazarian continued, "It's gone through its ups and downs, and I've been a part of a lot of those ups and a lot of those downs. Right now we're in a very healthy place. We've got a great locker room, a very, very solid group of men and women who are just busting their asses week in and week out. Great management team, and I'm just happy to be a guy who can be looked at as a leader and a veteran."


Kazarian noted that it's hard to pinpoint his favorite Impact moment, but he thought it was special to compete in the first Ultimate X match. His other personal highlights include winning tag team gold with Christopher Daniels and shockingly winning the X-Division Championship at last year's Bound For Glory. Kazarian also teased that maybe his best moment has happened yet, which would be winning the Impact World Championship.

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