Impact Bound For Glory 2022 Match Results

Impact Wrestling recently held its annual Bound For Glory event, this year emanating from Albany, New York, on October 7, 2022.

The pay-per-view event featured eight matches and the induction of Raven into the Impact Hall of Fame.



Brian Myers' Digital Media Championship Open Challenge

The pre-show of Bound For Glory featured Brian Myers' open challenge for his Impact Digital Media Championship. Myers won the title months ago at Against All Odds and has numerous victories under his belt as his reign nears 100 days. At Bound For Glory 2022, his open challenge was answered by none other than the debuting Dirty Dango, FKA WWE's Fandango, in the Albany Armoury.

While the debutant had a solid first-time showing in Impact Wrestling, Myers proved too much for the former ballroom dancer to handle. Following a missed Down and Dirty leg drop by Dango, the champ took advantage by hitting Dango with a spear, followed by the Roster Cut lariat to retain his Digital Media Championship.


Winner And Still Impact Digital Media Champion: Brian Myers

The rest of the pre-show was dedicated to Raven's Impact Hall of Fame induction. Tommy Dreamer, Raven's long-time rival, did the honors of inducting the hardcore legend, performing a speech before introducing the man of the hour. Raven came out and commemorated his career through a heartfelt speech before dropping Tommy Dreamer with the Evenflow DDT for old times' sake.

With this induction, Raven joins fellow members of the Impact Hall of Fame, an illustrious group featuring Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, Sting, and several others.

Mike Bailey (c) vs. Frankie Kazarian for the X-Division Championship

The main card of Impact Bound For Glory 2022 began with Mike Bailey defending the X-Division Championship against Frankie Kazarian. Despite only winning the championship at Slammiversary this past June, Bailey has been having the title reign of his life, successfully defending the championship eleven 11 leading up to this match. Kazarian, on the other hand, made his name as a part of the X-Division throughout the 2000s and was seeking his sixth reign as champion of the division against Mike Bailey.


The AEW star found himself needing to counter much of Bailey's explosive offense with more cerebral techniques but was still willing to embrace the X-Division style that brought him to prominence years ago. After a very back-and-forth battle, the turning point came when Bailey attempted to hit a shooting star press, only to get caught with a cutter by Kazarian, completely changing the complexion of the match. It didn't take long for Kazarian to take advantage, submitting Bailey with a crossface chicken wing to win the X-Division Championship.

Winner And NEW Impact X-Division Champion: Frankie Kazarian

Mickie James vs Mia Yim

The second match on the main card of Bound For Glory 2022 featured Mickie James continuing her Last Rodeo by putting her wrestling career on the line against Mia Yim.

Yim and Mickie were evenly matched early on, but a faulty bulldog performed by James hurt her leg and gave Yim an opening to take control of the bout. Yim closed in on the Impact legend, but James refused to give in. She was able to fight back, but her knee continued to be a problem to overcome as she fought for her very career against Yim.


As the match reached its climax, James' resilience was on full display, surviving a stretch muffler on her hurt knee and getting a rope break following Yim's Eat Defeat. James mounted a comeback, hitting the Mick Kick and finally the Mick DT to win the match and continue to prosper in her Last Rodeo.

Winner: Mickie James

VXT (Deonna Purrazzo & Chelsea Green) (c) vs Death Dollz (Taya Valkyrie & Jessicka) w/ Rosemary for the Knockouts World Tag Team Championship

Knockouts action continued, with VXT defending the Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championships against Death Dollz. The reigning champions won the belts at Emergence from Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary, so it seems almost fitting that they defended the belts against Valkyrie and Jessicka on this show in their second defense of the titles. Despite being a new team, the Death Dollz have quickly put things together with Rosemary by their side and were able to completely derail Chelsea Green and Deonna Purrazzo in this match.


Only lasting seven and a half minutes, this match was constant action and ultimately saw new champions crowned in the end. After isolating Green inside the ring, Valkyrie hit a big bicycle kick on the champion that led directly into a SICKishi Driver from Jessicka to give her team the win.

Winners And NEW Impact Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Death Dollz

The OGK (Matt Taven and Micheal Bennet) w/Maria Kanellis (c) vs. Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley) for the Impact Tag Team Championships

The fourth bout of the event saw Honor No More's Matt Taven and Micheal Bennet defend their Impact Tag Team Championships against the Motor City Machine Guns, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley. The former champs remain one of Impact's premier acts, and them challenging Honor No More helps to elevate their ongoing reign as champions. While their time as champs began just last month on an episode of Impact, a match against MCMG could've ended them just as swiftly.


This first-time matchup saw the Honor No More duo prove that they can stand tall against one of the greatest tag teams in Impact history, though this was in large part due to the additional help given to them by their manager, Maria Kanellis. Taven was the one to get the fall for his team, with a distraction provided by Kanellis leading The OGK to a roll-up victory over the Machine Guns at Bound For Glory 2022.

Winners And STILL Impact Tag Team Champions: The Kingdom

Call Your Shot Gauntlet

The Call Your Shot Gauntlet came next, with 20 competitors competing in a countdown battle royal to win a championship match at any time they see fit. Eric Young and Joe Hendry began the match, and as each competitor came and went, it came down to Steve Maclin and the returning Bully Ray as the final two competitors.


This isn't to say there wasn't a myriad of notable moments from the match, as the brief wait between entrants put the match in near-constant state of motion from start to finish. The intergender nature of the match meant a brief clash between Savanna Evans and PCO early on, and the moments kept building up from there. Rhino reunited with both Tommy Dreamer and Heath, and Matt Cardona made his long-awaited return to the company as the final entrant of the match.

As the match came to an end, it was Bully Ray who defeated Steve Maclin with the Bully Bomb, winning him the right to challenge for any belt at any time in Impact Wrestling.

Winner of the Call Your Shot Gauntlet: Bully Ray

Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Masha Slamovich for the Knockouts World Championship

Near the top of the card, Masha Slamovich challenged the Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace for the first time. Masha walked into this match on a massive undefeated streak in Impact Wrestling, having not lost a single match on Impact TV all year. Grace has been gaining momentum in the Knockouts division this year as well. The powerhouse won the Knockouts World Championship from Tasha Steelz at Slammiversary and had since defended the belt three times leading up to this event.


Masha entered the match sporting Bull Nakano-inspired hair and makeup, which aided her in bringing an intensity that Grace was forced to match throughout the battle. Both women brought an incredible level of physicality to the match and refused to say die until the very end. It ended up taking multiple Grace Drivers, including one from the middle rope, just to defeat the persevering challenger. While her undefeated streak came to an end, Masha walked away looking like one of the strongest women to compete in the Knockouts division.

Winner and still Knockouts World Champion: Jordynne Grace

Josh Alexander (c) vs. Eddie Edwards for the Impact World Championship

In the main event of the evening, Josh Alexander defended the Impact World Championship against Eddie Edwards of Honor No More. Edwards has been on the hunt for his third reign as Impact World Champion since last losing the title back in 2020. Surprisingly enough, this was a first-time singles matchup between two of the company's top stars. While Alexander has been busy defending the Impact World Championship since winning it at Rebellion earlier this year, Edwards has been focused on his status as the leader of Honor No More, a group that played a big part as this match reached its conclusion.


The faction came out and caused chaos, with Matt Taven pulling out the referee and Kenny King low-blowing Alexander in hopes that it would aid Edwards in victory. After the crew was taken away by security, however, Alexander persisted, overcame the odds, and defeated Edwards with the C4 Spike to retain his championship.

Winner and still Impact World Champion: Josh Alexander

The show concluded with Honor No More returning to the ring and assaulting Alexander. While some members of the locker room attempted to make the save, things didn't begin to turn around until Bully Ray ran to the ring and forced Honor No More to retreat. The winner of the Call Your Shot Gauntlet then had a staredown with the reigning champion to end the event.