Eric Bischoff Suggests Tony Khan Work To Keep MJF In AEW, Because He'd Succeed In WWE

Eric Bischoff is convinced MJF is among the handful of AEW wrestlers who would pass the proverbial "mall/airport test" and possibly turn heads amid a sea of people. In contrast, he believes more than a third of the roster would go completely unidentified in a public environment. 


Bischoff believes AEW CEO Tony Khan should go to whatever extent possible to retain the services of MJF in 2024, and avoid his biggest star from jumping ship to WWE in free agency.

"I can't say enough great things about MJF," Bischoff told "The Ariel Helwani Show" recently. "I don't know what his goals are, but if I'm Tony Khan, I'm gonna work pretty hard to keep MJF on my roster. If you look at that roster, there are not a lot of talents anywhere close to MJF — in terms of overall ability and connection to [fans]. There are a lot of great wrestlers and athletes, but Chris Jericho is on the downside of his career, and Bryan Danielson is kind of a part-timer. If you look at the younger crop of regularly-featured talent, at least three-quarters of them could walk through any mall in America, and nobody would know who they are."


"MJF stands out. He's got himself over," Bischoff added. 

When asked if MJF's skillset would translate to success in WWE, Bischoff argued that MJF is "awfully smart" and would find ways to thrive in WWE even if the odds were stacked against him. Furthermore, Bischoff pointed to "the hours of conversations" he's had with MJF that give him more reason to believe that the 27-year-old understands the intricacies of the business — unlike a lot of his peers.