Moose Signs Long-Term Deal To Stay With Impact Wrestling

Moose's contract at Impact Wrestling was set to expire this month. However, the former World Champion will be sticking around the Impact Zone for the foreseeable future thanks to a new deal that's unlike anything the promotion has seen so far. According to a statement shared via Twitter, the ex-NFL player wants to become as synonymous with Impact as AJ Styles or Kurt Angle — and that ambition inspired him to put pen to paper on an extension.


"I want my name to be at the top of that list. So with that goal in mind, I have more I have to get done before my time in Impact is done. not only did I signed back with Impact Wrestling but I also signed the longest deal anyone has ever signed in company's history." You can read Moose's statement in its entirety in the tweet below.

While he likely could have gone off to other promotions like WWE and AEW, as he almost did in the past, Moose said that he doesn't have to prove himself elsewhere to be considered great. Furthermore, he's confident that he's highly regarded by other wrestlers across the industry.


"I believe my peers in all other companies and organizations respect my work and at the end of the day that's all that matters."

Previously, Moose shared that his decision regarding a new contract wouldn't be affected by money, dream matches, or the bright lights of big arenas. Instead, he noted that he prioritized happiness, comfort, and trust. After seven years in Impact, he must feel pretty comfortable there to stick around. The length of his new agreement hasn't been disclosed as of yet, but there's a good chance that the imposing competitor is a lot more comfortable now.