Moose says IMPACT Wrestling is thriving.

Former IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Moose recently appeared on Reel Talker and discussed the current state of the company. Moose believes, at present time, that the company is operating at the highest level that they ever have thanks to Executive Vice President, Scott D’Amore.

“Easily, right now, in the last few years, especially since the new regime took over with Scott (D’Amore) running everything,” Moose said when asked about when IMPACT Wrestling has been at its best. “It’s the best time in the company’s era. Especially since I’ve been here. I’m just excited to see how bigger things get because it’s great right now.”

Delving a bit more into the aforementioned D’Amore, Moose credits him for helping him decide to re-sign with the company after he was ‘out the door’ and reportedly on his way to WWE last year.

“Before I re-signed, I was almost out the door, leaving to go elsewhere. I had that last talk with Scott and we talked about a few things and I realized in the last conversation I had with him that I had unfinished business with IMPACT. Still a lot of things I wanted to do that I haven’t done yet, so I decided to stay. Which is a plus for the company because it shows Impact and Scott D’Amore has the power, and Impact is a great enough company to make stars want to stay and stars want to come.”

While having unfinished business in IMPACT, Moose doesn’t have a specific name in mind when it comes to potential dream matches.

“I’m not big on dream matches. I’m in that zone in my career where I can wrestle anybody and have an outstanding match with anyone. I’m up to wrestle anybody, whatever the fans want to see, if they can make it happen, let’s do it. Personally, I don’t like making up dream matches.”

Moose lost the IMPACT Wrestling World Championship to Josh Alexander at the Rebellion pay-per-view last month, and was most recently confronted by the returning Sami Callahan at Under Siege last weekend.

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