Kerry Morton On Being A Second-Generation Wrestler & Tagging With Father Ricky

Kerry Morton is making waves as the current NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion. However, while he's found plenty of success by marching to the beat of his own drum, he'll always be associated with his father, Ricky Morton – the legendary performer who rose to prominence as one-half of The Rock 'n' Roll Express. In a recent interview with Talk Is Jericho, the rising star opened up about being a second-generation competitor and tagging alongside his dad.

According to Morton, he seeks to find the perfect balance between old-school and modern sensibilities. While he's capable of performing the types of high-spot maneuvers that are commonplace in contemporary wrestling, Morton also wants to honor the family business. As such, he's worked hard to lock down the basics of in-ring action as he knows perfecting those will serve him well.

"With this perspective in professional wrestling that I have being a generational wrestler, I kinda need to know my roots, where I stand in professional wrestling... I knew that if I could grow that foundation to be super strong, whether it's doing great headlock routines or certain armlocks... I knew that if I could get this basis down, I could work with anyone."

With the Rock 'n' Roll Express winding down these days, Ricky has recruited Kerry to be his new tag team partner. The youngster said that he loves tagging with his father, and stepping into the ring with him comes naturally as he grew up learning how to wrestle under Ricky's guidance.

"Genuinely, it's awesome. Mind you, I grew up with him. That's not only my dad, it's my best friend. So stepping into the wrestling ring with him, it's kinda just like second nature."

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