AEW Announces New Mobile Game: AEW Figure Fighters

The world of AEW Games is about to get a lot bigger on June 29, with the release of "AEW Fight Forever" for all major consoles, as well as PCs and Steam Deck. It joins "AEW Elite General Manager," a mobile game where you manage the AEW roster that has been out since July 2021. And now, on the eve of the release of "Fight Forever," AEW and their partners at Warner Brothers Discovery Sports have announced another new AEW mobile game, but one with a twist: "AEW: Figure Fighters," where AEW stars stylized as action figures duke it out.


"This free to play game will feature 3D animated versions of AEW wrestlers battling it out in the ring, allowing fans to expand their fandom and love for the show. Fans will be able to collect and level up their favorite wrestlers, play in various game modes, and complete numerous challenges," reads the press release sent out by AEW and WBD Sports today. "The development of the game furthers WBD Sports' commitment to innovation in gaming, supported by an ongoing partnership with Immutable X. 'AEW: Figure Fighters' is in early development and planned for release in 2024."

The press release also directs fans to for more information. As of this writing, the site is simply a sign-up form for email updates flanked by renders of Jamie Hayter and Darby Allin in the style of the titular "figure fighters." As for "AEW Fight Forever," stay tuned to, as we will have a full review of the game next Wednesday.