Eric Bischoff Regrets Not Pursuing Ken Shamrock For A Role In WCW

Ken Shamrock made his WWE debut in February 1997 to a lot of buzz. Having been billed "The World's Most Dangerous Man" by "ABC News" for his exploits in UFC, fans were eager to see Shamrock transition from MMA to pro wrestling, especially since he had already worked the pro wrestling circuit in Japan and wasn't a stranger to that world. 


While WWE and Vince McMahon were proactive enough to capitalize on Shamrock's buzz, former WCW President Eric Bischoff believes he missed the boat by not contacting the MMA fighter to appear in his promotion.

The Hall of Famer admitted his missed opportunity on a recent episode of his "83 Weeeks" podcast, revealing that he had not crossed paths with Shamrock until a wrestling convention a few years ago. "It was a very brief hello," Bischoff said. "Other than that moment, I never really crossed paths with him."

Reflecting on the makeup of the WCW roster in 1997, Bischoff said that, in Tank Abbott, he already had "that kind of [MMA] vibe" he was looking for, and the thought of bringing in Shamrock never crossed his mind. 


"Shamrock may have never been interested in coming to WCW," Bischoff said. "I just didn't feel there was a hole in the roster for someone like him at that time." 

In hindsight, Bischoff wishes he would have given Shamrock a look. "I kinda regret it, because he is, was, and still is a good character," Bischoff stressed. "I'm a fan, you know, whatever I see in [the] interviews with him now, talking about MMA and documentaries about his past. Very impressive guy! I love his story, both he and his brother. I love the background of their story, and I wish I would have looked closer at him."