The Miz Cuts Passionate Promo About Tommaso Ciampa After WWE Raw Confrontation

The Miz is too proud of a veteran to allow a younger counterpart to dominate him on a weekly basis. A week after suffering a loss to the returning Tommaso Ciampa, "The A-Lister" was due for a rematch against his former on-screen protégé on Monday's "WWE Raw." Prior to the match, Ciampa referred to The Miz as "Mr. Tiny Balls" and vowed that he would never again "play second fiddle" to someone like him. Clearly upset with Ciampa's words, The Miz used the opportunity to make a massive statement.

Just as Ciampa made his entrance, The Miz jumped from behind and sent the former DIY member crashing to the barricade twice, causing the referees to call for the bell. Thereafter, The Miz slung Ciampa's ankle into the LED apron twice and followed it up with vicious kicks to the head. 

At this point, a "Tiny Balls" chant erupted at Enmarket Arena in Savannah, Georgia, prompting an irate Miz to further target his former partner's ankles with a suplex to the barricade. The segment ended with The Miz nailing a Skull Crushing Finale on the concrete floor.

After "Raw" went off the air, The Miz explained why he was upset at Ciampa for "sucker punching" him during his WWE return instead of embracing him with a hug.

"That's the thanks I get for everything I've done for him?" The Miz asked Byron Saxton. "For all the opportunities I've given him? Is he mad that I didn't call him? Boo freakin' hoo! I don't call anybody, we were just in Cleveland — my hometown — and do you think I called anybody? No. I don't call them, they call me. They wanna hang out with me — I'm the superstar. Do we understand that?"

"Put some respect on my name. I am tired of the lack of respect that I get. I'm the two-time Grand Slam Champion. I'm the veteran!"