Stacks Proclaims Himself 'The New Don' Of WWE NXT

Joe Coffey visited Tony D'Angelo in prison on last night's "WWE NXT" Gold Rush finale. During their conversation, the Gallus member played D'Angelo an audio clip on his phone, where Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo — his longtime associate in the D'Angelo Family — referred to himself as "The New Don." 

Lorenzo had abducted Coffey during last week's show. However, according to the audio clip, "Stacks" let him go and told him everything would work out for Gallus if he did what he said. Lorenzo told Coffey to trust him and lay low for a week. 

When Coffey questioned the move, Lorenzo revealed that he was done being "The Underboss" and that he was seemingly taking D'Angelo's spot as "The Don." Coffey then told D'Angelo — who has been locked up behind bars for the past few weeks — that things aren't what they seem before getting up and exiting. 

Lorenzo helped Gallus' Wolfgang and Mark Coffey retain the "NXT" Tag Team Championship against Malik Blade and Edris Enofé before the clip of Joe Coffey visiting D'Angelo in prison was shown.

Lorenzo shared the video of Coffey visiting D'Angelo on social media after last night's show had concluded. He also wrote, "I'm running these streets now. The New Don of NXT.~ Stacks."